from Satisfied Customers

Recognition is a Good Thing

I just recently had "beyond the call of duty" service. I was having trouble downloading and emailed the company for help. I received an immediate response and then called to say thanks. I encountered a wonderful person named Barbara on the other end of the phone that walked me thru all the steps and, in addition, said to call anytime if I have any questions. Thank you, and I look forward to using your great product!
Pam E,
Whelan, Evertz

Barbara, Thank You! You always exceed my expectations! Your personality, special efforts, and helpful attitude are greatly appreciated.
Glenda N. Smith, Gravure Training Coordinator
Quebecor World Franklin

Not only do I wish to thank you and Barbara for your "above and beyond" efforts to anticipate and exceed my needs, but I also want to let you know how impressed I am with the wealth of valuable information on your website. I have enjoyed, and learned from, much of what you have written and look forward to more opportunities to work with you and your company!
Joni Vetrano, Training Manager
LaQuinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST

Wow! I am very impressed with the service and the materials! I received all of my order today (a fast 24-hour turn-around time!). Thanks to your super-fast response time, I have a few other finishing touches to put on my materials and activites for next Wednesday's training class! You are awesome! I will definitely recommend Teambuilding, Inc.!
Dawn Hatterer
Consulting Authority, LLC

Thank you for taking the time to understand my needs and identify the right tools. I'm lucky enough to remember the days when doctors made house calls, so when you and Peter juggled to get the materials right to my "door", with savings, that was really really nice and I was very happy. Barbara, if there was ever a time to applaud excellent customer service, this certainly would be it!
Haydn Baggoo
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate Barbara in your Customer Service Department for going above and beyond. I placed an order today after your cut-off time that I have to receive by tomorrow and she took care of everything. There just aren't enough people like Barbara. She's truly an asset.
Lori Pleasants
Legacy Management Group

This entire experience, from the moment I contacted you, has been totally positive. It has restored my faith in mankind. I am a very skeptical person. Well now I will be more trusting of testimonials; they are real. Thanks again.
Julieanne Wells
Social Security Administration