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Toobeez 57 Piece Kit Dark Colors
Toobeez 57 Piece Kit Dark Colors

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ToobeezTM is a one-of-kind giant toy construction set that gives your teams the opportunity to exercise their creative problem solving, communication, and collaboration skills. Whether building a team T-Rex, an obstacle course, bridge, or other creative project, ToobeezTM engages your teams in constructive team development activities.

When we saw this engaging new product we were intrigued by its potential as a teambuilding training aid. But when we had an opportunity to see the parts first-hand, we were amazed by its solid construction and simplicity. This clearly meets the tough guidelines imposed by trainers and facilitators of adult experiential learning. You''ll have these materials for many years of use.

Suggested Uses in Teambuilding
Challenge your teams to build the tallest, most creative, most cost-effective (assign costs per part), or most contemporary (what''s in the news today...a mars surface rover?) designs. Tell them to design and build for 10 minutes using only visual communication (no talking), or with all but one team member blindfolded (communication, listening, and trust), or with one hand tied behind each team member''s back (cooperation, coordination, and problem solving). The combinations are endless.

How Much is Needed?
The initial package is neatly boxed for shipment anywhere. Although there are many ways to use a kit, we suggest having one complete kit per team. This gives each team an ample supply of parts to really exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills. Schedule your teambuilding session, then have the packages drop-shipped to your training or event location. Some organizations have even donated them to charity upon completion, and some have given them to participants for prizes.

The parts are perfectly designed and fit together by easily inserting, twisting, and locking the pieces together. Your participants will be proficient builders in minutes. And this is especially important for those of you working with younger (translated, "kids") teams.

As always, if you have any questions about this new product, just call or email us at the contact information below.

Special Incentive Invitation
We are anxious to hear your stories of how you used the product in your own teambuilding sessions. So if you share your story with us, we''ll have a special gift for you. So what are you waiting for?

The ToobeezTM 57-piece kit dark includes:

(20) 3.4" Spheres
(8) 35" Blue Tubes
(8) 24" Green Tubes
(8) 16" Red Tubes
(8) 11" Yellow Tubes
(4) Curtains (2 Red 2 Blue)

(1) Storage Bag

Shipping Box is 36"x12"x6" and weighs 22 lbs!

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