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Team Building Rescue
Team Building Rescue

Introducing Web Based Team Building -The World's First! We know how hard it is to find the time and money to get your teams together, away from work, for a team building session. That's why we've created Team Building Rescue. If you're looking to provide your teams with a team building exercise you can run in your own office at a time to suit you we've got the solution.

Team Building Rescue offers:
  • A real time team building exercise - the clock's ticking!
  • Hands on activities - fully checked and verified
  • Real team development
  • Great for Virtual Teams!

It's like we've come to your office (or offices for virtual teams!) and delivered it personally, only the price is different.

Space Rescue

The Scenario

Here's the situation:

A brand new spacecraft embarks on its maiden test flight. Suddenly a massive system failure and small explosion, damage parts of the ship; leaving the oxygen supply compromised; the crew only two hours of air before they must attempt re-entry. Structurally, the spacecraft can withstand re-entry, but only with the skills and support of a highly trained ground team. YOUR TEAM, is needed to ensure a safe landing.

They need your help:

While the crew can do some things on board, they face many challenges that need YOUR teams help. Through direct communication with the crew and tackling challenges, your team has two hours to get the spacecraft into shape and position for re-entry. Safety is the number one priority. Your skills are sharpened with the help of a computer controlled simulator, guiding you through various team building activities, while getting the spacecraft back in working order for landing.

The Challenge
Tackling this successfully:

You must be up for the challenge, and also ready to show just how effective you can be at working as a TEAM. This will test you to the limit!!!

What is the objective?
Through two key actions; Communication and Team Challenge Completion, you will safely and effectively help the crew members get the spacecraft fit and ready for its return to Earth.

What Challenges you ask?
There are various and many activities including; Brain Teasers, Memory Tests, Knowledge Tests, Minor Construction Tasks, and even some with light physical activity. They can be completed by one person, three people or sometimes the whole team. You never know what will happen next.

What is the purpose of the challenges?
Each task has been carefully created in such a way that it parallels back to the workplace helping the team focus on making improvements in real life.
Such as:
  • Leadership Skills
  • Organization Skills
  • Team Communication
  • Consensus Building
  • Priority Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
How are the teams judged?
Our computer software. The team needs to prove it has completed each and every task successfully through a “quality control” mechanism built into the web page everything runs from. With no fancy software or fancy setting required.

Essential Info

How it all works
  • Buy online
  • Login
  • Carry out your team building!
Team Building Rescue is unique, offering a real time team building exercise available 24/7 anywhere in the world. It's based on our popular and successful PC based system used by hundreds of organizations large and small. Team Building Rescue, real team building, real results, available NOW
Time Required: 2½ - 4 hours. More detail.

Vetted & approved by the Green Providers Directory

What is it?

MiniTreasure is a web page that thinks it is a treasure hunt. And it's right! A fantastic, huge cartoon street literally sets the scene. You can zoom in and out of the scene to fantastic detail and full widescreen view respectively while tracking down the answers to our fantastically varied clues.

Three Categories

  1. Straight - straightforward and easy to understand, such as "How many people are in the scene?"
  2. Rhyming - more cryptic and in rhyme to add an extra sense of fun and humor to the occasion, such as "He's all shook up with blue suede shoes, he's still the king alright. But in our scene full of who's whos, who is it to his right?" (yep, you guessed it - Elvis is one of our street characters!)
  3. Image - small parts of the scene with questions such as "Who is this closest to?"

There are 60 questions in total, 20 of each type. Want to see what it looks like? Check out the annotated one page PDF guide here or better still the video guide here.

Flexible fun

You can have:

  • Any group size
  • Any time from 10 minutes to 1 hour
  • One team against the world or teams competing with one another
  • Points are awarded for accuracy and speed of completion
  • Your own leaderboard

As little as $2 per person

No, really. We charge $5.95 per computer accessing the activity and you can viably have 3 people at each computer, working together. If you want fewer people per computer it will cost you more per person, but even if you allow everyone to use their own you are only talking $5.95 per person. Can you name many other professionally presented team building activities that cost that little?

An Example

For example, let's say that you have 12 people in your team and wanted to promote some good tempered competition. One option is to organize them into 4 teams of 3 and allocate 50 minutes to the action. If you have a little less time, say around 40 minutes, you could put them into 3 teams of 4. If you are looking for something to fill just 30 minutes, you could go with 2 teams of 6.
And if you only have 15 minutes, you could keep them as one team, however, you must accept the fact that the teams will not be able to complete all of the questions. However you would like your session structured, MiniTreasure can handle it. Our software even includes a "Session Calculator" to help you smoothly work out the options.

In that example, if each person used his or her own computer, the total cost would be just $71.40. With 3 people sharing each of 4 computers, the cost would drop to $23.80!

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