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Survey Design

The quality of feedback received from a 360-degree feedback process is due in part to the quality of the questions asked in the survey. To ensure the quality of your survey, Team Builders Plus can review your pre-existing survey or create one for you that reflects your organization's values and the competencies you wish to assess.

Team Builders Plus will employ the following psychometric principles when designing the survey:

  • Survey items must begin with an action verb: This allows raters to identify the behavior.
  • Survey items must be observable behaviors: Traits, characteristics, attitudes, motives, values, thoughts and feelings are important aspects of professional people, but they operate inside a person. If people cannot directly observe a quality or characteristic, they cannot accurately evaluate it.
  • Questions must describe only one behavior: If an item describes more than one behavior, the person evaluating may feel differently about each one. If two behaviors are important enough to be included, they should be represented in two items.
  • Language must be clear: Much of business writing is excessively formal, complex and passive. This makes the message hard to understand. It is important that everyone clearly understands the behavior represented by each assessment item.
  • Questions will target positive behaviors: Items that are phrased negatively do not indicate desired behavior so their measurement is inconsistent with items that are worded positively. A high score for such items would indicate a negative tendency, not a positive one.
  • Focus on important behaviors: Countless actions, steps, tasks, procedures, processes, performances and other behaviors are involved in any skill. It would be impractical to list them all in an assessment. The best approach is to focus on the activities that are crucial to performing the skill well.
  • Survey items must sufficiently define the category: Team Builders Plus will ensure that when all of the items within the category sufficiently cover the main aspects of that category of questions.


Fear and anxiety often surface when an organization begins to roll out 360-degree feedback for the first time. Team Builders Plus understands and acknowledges this natural reaction to discovering the potentially unstated perceptions of our manager, peers and direct reports.

To create interest, rather than fear, Team Builders Plus conducts rater orientations for all individuals involved in the process. These 45-minute presentations explain the nature of 360-degree feedback, and its role in personal, professional and organizational development.

The session will answer questions such as:

  • What is 360-degree feedback and why are we doing it?
  • How will my comments and ratings be kept confidential?
  • How can I write useful positive and constructive comments?
  • What is the process and how long does it take to complete the survey?
  • Who gets the results? (i.e. the individual only, not the manager or HR)
  • How will the results be utilized? (i.e. for development, not appraisal)
  • What will the reports look like?

Survey Administration

While many organizations purchase software, such as 20/20® Insight GOLD, to conduct surveys internally, others prefer to utilize an outside service bureau to administer the process for them. Advantages that service bureaus can provide are:

  • Experience and expertise in all facets of the 360 process
  • A neutral 3rd party to handle feedback results
  • Cost savings in time & money (otherwise spent in purchasing and learning to use software and handling the actual logistics of the process)

The degree to which a service bureau, such as Team Builders Plus, is involved in the process is driven by your needs. Some organizations will seek a full range of services from survey design to follow-up 1-on-1 coaching while others will simply want data collected and reports generated.

An important but often overlooked part of 360 administration is an orientation for all the participants in the process. Fear and anxiety often surface when an organization rolls out a 360-degree feedback process. Team Builders Plus understands and acknowledges this natural reaction to discovering the potentially unstated perceptions of our co-workers. To create excitement, rather than fear around the 360 process, Team Builders Plus conducts Rater Orientations. These valuable sessions help participants to understand 360 feedback, the confidentiality of the process, how to provide useful comments, ownership of the results and more.

As a 360 service bureau, our customer service is unsurpassed. We provide the highest quality of service in all of our interactions. You will be surprised how quickly and easily Team Builders Plus can administer a 360-process for you. Whether you are running data for two people or two hundred people, Team Builders Plus will implement a confidential, online survey process that provides the foundation for personal improvement.

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360-Degree Feedback Package

Includes online assessment only.
Includes online assessment and one coaching session to help the feedback recipients understand their results and create an action plan.
Includes the Basic Package plus one additional coaching session to follow up the action planning, check progress, and ensure accountability.
Includes online assessment for 360 plus the DISC Behavioral Model (which the coach will help link to 360 results) with a total of three coaching sessions that create a comprehensive development process.


Coaching services range from one-hour 360 survey debrief conversations to long-term coaching processes that lasts for six months. Our coaches are experienced at working with people at all levels from front-line supervisors to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives.

Survey debrief conversations guide 360-degree feedback recipients to understand their results, identify themes among their strengths and challenges, and create goals and action plans to improve performance and relationships. These conversations help people to accept their feedback and deal with any emotional reactions to surprising results.

Long-term coaching processes utilize the 360-degree feedback results as a foundation for growth and development. Initial discussions help individuals identify trends and reveal underlying behavioral drivers for lower rated scores. Our coaches are experts at guiding people through the various comments and scores to help them identify core themes among their strengths and challenges.

The coach helps people to unlock innate strengths and overcome obstacles to star performance and strong relationships. The coach focuses the individual on bridging the gap between the current and desired level of success. Discussions will target successes, breakdowns, ongoing challenges, difficult relationships, behavioral styles, feelings, goals, strategies, actions, progress and obstacles. By modeling respect, empathy, and collaboration in every coaching interaction, the coach becomes a respected and trusted partner in creating transformation.

Our coaches are experts at helping people to create specific development plans that include:

  • Specific performance goals
  • Actions that will help to accomplish these goals
  • Potential obstacles that may inhibit success and strategies to overcome these obstacles
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